Preserving Timeless


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Custom Millwork & Moldings Business in Maryland & Virginia

At Old Town Custom Millwork & Moldings, we specialize in the precise replication of non-standard historic moldings profiles, using durable and stable wood species. No matter the quantity, from a single piece to an entire houseful, we promise a perfect match for your wood molding and custom millwork. We not only strive for accuracy, but also promptness, ensuring quick turnaround times for your order.


Colonial Architectural Diversity

The historic environments of Maryland and Virginia, constructed in the 18th and 19th centuries, didn't have standardized molding profiles. Hence, the profiles varied from one town to another, and even from one neighborhood to the next. These designs were not created by architects, but by carpenters, and were defined by the molding planes they used on the job site. These local tools and traditions gave each neighborhood its unique building style.


Restoring History with Custom Molding Tools

To reproduce historic wood moldings faithfully today often requires creating a custom cutting knife. This may increase the initial cost and turnaround time. However, over time, we've built a collection of historic wood molding knives. It's highly likely we already have your specific knife in our collection of custom molding tools.

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